Your liver can only process one unit of alcohol per hour. Drinking more than one unit within an hour leads to the build up of alcohol-induced toxins. HANG=OVER is carefully formulated to help support up your liver and natural metabolism before you start drinking to make sure that the morning after is as fun as the night before. 

The Liver Protectors: Amla, Chicory & Dandelion Root

Alcohol causes damage to your liver and this leaves a lot of people feeling a bit of pain and in some cases nauseous.

We've combined three natural ingredients to break down the toxins in alcohol and also to enhance the natural function of your liver.

The Body Regulators: Niacin & Potassium

Alcohol can play havoc with your body, which is why so many of us wake up feeling worse for wear. In some cases alcohol can dehydrate you but in other cases it can actually cause your body to retain water.

Potassium fixes this problem for us; it helps to naturally improve your body’s ability to regulate water levels which leads to better mornings after a night out.

Niacin also helps to speed up the rate at which the body can process alcohol, therefore reducing the chance of a hungover feeling the next day.

The Immunity Builders: Beta Carotene, Elderberry & Grapeseed

Alcohol has a number of negative effects on the body, and these combined with the other elements of a night out like unhealthy food or a lack of sleep can weaken our natural immune system.

In the short term this can all contribute to that hungover feeling the day after. Our immunity builders negate this effect whilst also fighting off some of the nasties that are found in alcohol and fast food.