One Capsule

 Take one capsule an hour before drinking to make the morning after feel as good as the night before.

Tailored Ingredients

8 key ingredients tailored to reduce and eliminate the after-effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Manufactured In The UK

HANG=OVER is manufactured in the UK in a GMP/BRC certified facility to the highest quality.

How it works

The Liver Protectors

Each capsule is rich in antioxidants which helps maintain normal liver function as well as support mental performance.

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The Body Regulators

Drinking causes imbalances. Niacin helps keep blood sugar levels balanced. Potassium helps regulate water levels.

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The Immunity Builders

Alcohol, particular in excess, can have toxic effects on your body. Our immunity builders help your body fight off the toxicity keeping you feeling great.

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“HANG=OVER let me party non-stop all weekend with no ill effects! I would never go out without it again!”

Misha Vaidya

“I used this the night of the work Christmas party and woke up feeling fresh, a great pick me up! Thanks HANG=OVER”

Michael Davidson

Used HANG=OVER while away on holiday! Great product, left me fully functional the day after drinking"

Natasha Raspudic